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Working to put good into the world.

The Plant Army is a Twitch stream team of friendly, interactive, inclusive streamers who are working to put good into the world.

Team Pillars & Values

Friendly & Interactive

Plant Army members are extremely friendly and regularly interact with their viewers and communities. You will always feel warm, welcomed, and loved in a Plant Army stream!

Positive Energy

Plant Army members are all about positive energy! Life isn’t perfect, but we believe it is most constructive to find and create good wherever and whenever possible. Grow at your own pace.

Proactive Inclusivity

Plant Army members believe in intersectionality and ensure that people of all identities feel welcomed and uplifted. This means actively educating ourselves and keeping each other accountable.

Community Safety

Plant Army members understand the value of reducing the impact of intolerance and abuse as early as possible by cutting out bigotry and other harmful behavior to protect their inner and extended communities.

Charitable Work

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you open applications?

Currently we are restructuring our team to be a more close knit, fun space. We hope to open applications approximately quarterly for a short window each quarter, only accepting a few new sprouts.

What do you look for in applications?

We take a holistic look at all of your social media, as well as your streams. We want to make sure our team members are streamers who are friendly, interactive, positive, inclusive and safety focused.

We want to make sure that the applicants we accept embrace and embody our values of diversity, inclusion and safety.

Who reviews my application?

The Team Leaders review and discuss all applications.

Why wasn't I accepted on the team after applying?

We wish we could accept everyone to the team, because there are so many wonderful, unique creators who apply.

The team went through a period of accepting a lot of new sprouts, and as a result we haven’t been the team we’d ideally want to be. Because of this, we’ve learned a bit and moved toward taking only a few people at a time so everyone feels welcomed in and finds their place on the team, rather than feeling lost in the shuffle of a team that’s too big.

Definitely do not give up, we’re sure your stream is so lovely and so are you so please apply again in the future!

How many members are currently on the Plant Army team?

Currently, about 110 members.

What is the safety policy and why do you have it?

The Plant Army is a place where bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, harassment, abuse, and predatory behavior are categorically unwelcome.

Team members must actively work to keep their community – and therefore the wider Plant Army community – safe by not participating in this type of behavior and to remove anyone who does participate in this type of behavior from their communities.

To inform us of a harmful user for investigation – including Plant Army streamers, non-PA streamers, community members, etc. – fill out our Report Form.

I have a concern about someone on the team. What do I do?

We take every concern extremely seriously, and are currently fixing our report form. Until it is available again, please reach out to a team leader and we will be in touch with you.

Contact Us

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