Plant Army Pillars and Values

Friendly and Interactive

Plant Army members are extremely friendly and regularly interact with their viewers and communities. You will always feel warm, welcomed, and loved in a Plant Army stream!

Positive Energy

Plant Army members are all about positive energy! Life isn’t perfect, but we believe it is most constructive to find and create good wherever and whenever possible.

Proactive Inclusivity

Plant Army members believe in intersectionality and ensure that people of all identities feel welcomed and uplifted. This means actively educating ourselves and keeping each other accountable.

Community Safety

Plant Army members understand the value of reducing the impact of intolerance and abuse as early as possible by cutting out bigotry and other harmful behavior to protect their inner and extended communities.

Charitable Work

Plant Army members know how important it is to help others. That’s why we rally together to raise money for amazing projects!

2019: Trevor Project

Raised $14,291.46 (Tiltify Campaign)

2020: St. Jude

Raised $23,290.34 (Tiltify Campaign)

2020: Trevor Project

Raised $67,676.70 (Tiltify Campaign)


Starting summer 2020, we aim to open applications for a short period every few months. If you feel you are a good fit based on our pillars and fit within our minimum requirements for streaming, we hope you will apply!

Applications are currently: Closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Plant Army? Check our FAQ to see if we’ve answered it already!

How often do you open applications?

We spin a coin and count how many rotations it makes. We open applications in that many months.

What do you look for in applications?

Gay shit

Who reviews my application?

Secret teams of bees

Why wasn't I accepted on the team after applying?

Not enough gay shit

How many members are currently on the Plant Army?

So many

I have a concern about someone on the team. What do I do?

Flick them over the head with a rubber band

What is the safety policy and why do you have it?

For safety!


Questions? Concerns? You can reach out by sending an email to us at